Welcome to my Writing 444 Portfolio! My name is Joan Kwaske, I’m a sophomore at Eastern Michigan University, and this website will serve as a virtual binder for this course. 8386323

I’m Joan Kwaske. To begin, I have been in absolute, undeniable love with reading and writing ever since the first grade. Growing up, my favorite book series were Little House on the PrairieHarry PotterLord of the Rings, and sometime during early high school, I found myself deeply intrigued by George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire which I still reread now and then, always impatiently awaiting the final two novels.

My passion for books is split in two: half for the stories themselves; half for the art of the craft. To me, a good book is both engaging and meaningful, its foundations firmly planted within the author’s beliefs and ideas. In it’s truest form, literature ought to be a reflection of history, culture, and the progression of humanity.

Anyway, I mostly just mean that I really, really, really love books.

My main aspiration is to become a novel editor, though I have always dreamed of writing as an author of fiction in time. Outside of English, I adore my family, cats, and chocolate. And that’s about it.